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a better granola goes a long way.

We take a different approach to crafting granola. We obsess over quality and technique, making granola that's delicately crunchy and delicious in all the most intriguing ways.

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bumble & butter Aged Cheddar Granola Rosemary Granola Vanilla Bean Granola Certified Gluten-Free by the GFCO and Baked with Grass-fed Ghee Local Small-Batch Ingredients
bumble & butter Granola Baked with Grass-fed Ghee, Simple Organic Granola good for yogurt not too sweet gluten-free near me how to make homemade

baked with honey & grass-fed ghee.

We go out of our way to work with local producers to find the best that's out there. Instead of refined oils, we bake our granola with grass-fed ghee, made in-house from butter sourced from family farms in upstate New York and Vermont. 

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not just a sidekick to your yogurt.

Our flavors add the ultimate crunch to your soups, salads, and cheeseboards—but it tastes even better on its own.

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Rosemary and Currants Granola by bumble & butter Savory Granola, Salad Toppings

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