bumble & butter Rosemary Granola baked with ghee

what is bumble & butter?

a different kind of granola.

At bumble & butter, we make granolas with creative flavors and the finest ingredients. Our flavors go beyond the cinnamon and maple you normally find crowding grocery shelves. With a rich base of grass-fed ghee and honey, our flavors stand alone straight out of the bag, or add the ultimate crunch to your soups, salads, and cheeseboards—the perfect accessory for more than just yogurt.

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baked with ghee & honey.

Instead of refined oils, we bake our granola with grass-fed ghee, which we make in-house from cultured butter sourced from local farms in upstate New York and Vermont.

Take a look at the ingredients list, because bumble & butter is able to coax its powerful flavors from its simply sourced, non-processed, organic ingredients.

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delicately crunchy, not too sweet, a pinch of salt: the perfect balance of flavors.

for more than just yogurt!



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