• Lemon Basil Poppy Seed & Berry Geranium Aquafaba Meringue Granola | Spring Food Recipes Handmade Artisanal Gift

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  • Rosemary Savory Granola on Healthy Kale Salad

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  • breakfast just got even more exciting.

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  • cheddar granola.

    sweet & salty with a hint of spice.

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The Best Granola for Yogurt Parfait

Delicious & Versatile

We made the granola we actually wanted to eat.



  • Honey Roasted Carrots with Rosemary Granola

    We go beyond breakfast.

    Honey roasted carrots with rosemary granola.

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  • Strawberry Gazpacho Recipe with Burrata & Mint

    Strawberry Gazpacho

    with burrata, mint, & cheddar granola.

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  • Sweet Potato Bourbon Pie Holiday Recipe

    Sweet Potato Brown Butter Pie.

    With a splash of bourbon & warm autumnal spices.

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  • Sweet, simple indulgence.

    Maple yogurt pound cake topped with granola.

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