Sweet Potato with Ginger + Cinnamon


This is our rendition of a fall favorite with absolutely no shortcuts. We thinly sliced sweet potatoes and infuse them with honey, cinnamon, and ginger, then gently dry them for a delicate crunch that's packed with sweet and spiced flavor. As always, we bake our delicious granola with grass-fed butter - and yes, we brown the butter to add that extra toasted oomph. You can always count on us to maintain the culinary integrity of our granola. 

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Real Ingredients, Thoughtfully Sourced.

organic whole rolled oats, local honey, grass-fed non-GMO butter, sliced almonds, organic unsweetened coconut chips, organic brown sugar, organic pumpkin seeds, organic sweet potato, organic cinnamon, organic ginger, nutmeg, kosher salt

Grass-fed Butter, All Natural, Organically Sourced, Local Ingredients

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