bumble & butter Granola Tips for Entertaining Holidays

entertain the b&b way

roasted honey nut squash.

A cuter and sweeter version of butternut squash. 

Halve, roast with a drizzle of maple syrup, butter, spices of your choice, and flakey sea salt in a 425 degree oven.

Top with créme fraîche, quark, or a thick yogurt. 

Pair with:

- Sweet Potato, Cinnamon & Ginger Granola

- Rosemary with Zante Currants Granola

- Black Truffle Granola

add us to your cheeseboard.

Our Black Truffle Granola offers a sense of luxury to your guests, baked with truffle honey, fresh black truffles from Perigord, France and 100% grass-fed butter from upstate New York.

Rosemary Granola is a crowd pleaser, and may we say, a perfect pairing with a Shiraz or Zinfandel?

And Aged Cheddar. Don't think too hard about this one. 

keep it simple, stupid!

Add a flavorful crunch to your toast. This one features rosemary granola on top of juicy sliced pears, ricotta, sourdough bread, jasmine-infused maple syrup, and flakey sea salt.

Try our recipes for:

Honey Yogurt Mousse

Chocolate Buckwheat Porridge with Berries & Rose

Black Tea Quinoa Porridge with Coconut Cream & Balsamic Roasted Strawberries

we bake it for you, but bake it again.

Bake our granola for a flavorful, crunchy topping to your favorite pie, muffin, and loaf recipes.

May we suggest...

Dark Cherry Crumble with Vanilla Bean Granola

Root Vegetable Gratin with Cheddar Crumble

recipe ideas? questions?

leave us a note, we want to hear from you :)

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