bumble & butter began in the spring of 2017 on a college campus in upstate New York, but its story really starts years before. In high school, I thought I was going to open up a world-class restaurant. Inspired by my summer internships at a three Michelin-star restaurant, I spent my waking hours thinking about the things I'd cook for my friends & family to bring us together— I'd stroll through specialty food stores and farmer's markets, intrigued by the quality of ingredients and the stories behind these local artisans and farms. 

Fast forward to 2017, and the experimental granolas I had gifted to friends stuck. In 2018, I met Devon who shared the same ambition.

We set out to revive the ordinary granola using better ingredients, and creative flavors outside of the typical maple and cinnamon you'll find crowding grocery shelves. Our granolas are made with 100% real food ingredients baked with honey and ghee for the most delicious, buttery flavor the world of granola has ever known. We rely on the quality of our organic ingredients and make our very own ghee in-house so we can work directly with farms in upstate New York and Vermont.

Making granola this way is way more work, but we believe it's worth it.

At bumble & butter, we are committed to sharing better granolas while bringing people together, using responsible methods of sourcing and production. Our promise to you, is to never compromise the integrity of our products and their flavor. We get out of bed to source our ingredients from the partners we want to work with, to liven the foods we eat on an everyday basis, and to inspire us all to lead better lives all that, through the humblest form of granola.

We sincerely hope you enjoy!

- Jamie & Devon, bumble & butter