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Our Story

bumble & butter | Granola Crafted in New York

Crafted in Upstate New York.

Where to find the best granola

Our story begins on a college campus.

bumble & butter was born at the end of 2016 at Cornell University when Founder Jamie Kim pitched her idea to her sophomore year marketing class. 

Inspired by her high school internships in the fine dining industry at one of the world's best restaurants in New York City, she wanted more people to experience what she had seen on everyday basis by hosting dinner parties and gifting jars of homemade granola.

Less than 2 years after starting the business, we got our first major retailer knocking on our door!

A classic, creatively reimagined.

A commitment to quality, local ingredients.

We source our namesakes grass-fed butter and honey from farms of upstate New York. Take a look at the ingredients list, because we're able to coax its powerful flavors in part from our simply sourced, non-processed, organic ingredients.

Yogurt is just the beginning.

We play with the savory and the sweet so that there may be a day where granola isn’t just for breakfast. With its rich base flavor of locally sourced grass-fed butter and honey in each bag of granola, we offer exceptional flavors you can eat with savory dishes. Try the Cheddar on top of a tomato soup, or the aromatic Rosemary with a chopped salad.

The possibilities are endless.

Honey Roasted Carrots with Rosemary Granola

Dedicated to good food.

Jamie Kim | Founder

Devon Rosen | Food Science Lead

Grass-fed Butter, All Natural, Organically Sourced, Local Ingredients

Our mission

We believe in providing our customers with the excitement of eating great food made from the ingredients we love. We're committed to offering a product that delights and encourages you to take a step out of your normal routine.

100% grass-fed butter.

We originally started with a recipe using extra virgin olive oil but wanted more transparency, more flavor, and to support our local farms in upstate New York. It’s become an integral part of our brand, an element that separates bumble & butter from the rest. 

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