Berry Geranium Meringue

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Sweet and tart raspberries and blackberries mingle with the floral aroma of geranium, adding a dimension of rose with a hint of citrus and spice.

Tossed with meringue pieces made simply from chickpea water and a touch of honey, then colored pale pink by the beautiful beet, you can say this granola is F-U-N, fun!

All rounded out by the creamy flavors of our local honey and grass-fed butter.

Real Ingredients, Thoughtfully Sourced.

organic whole rolled oats, local honey, grass-fed non-GMO butter, sliced almonds, organic unsweetened coconut chips, organic brown sugar, organic pumpkin seeds, organic aquafaba, organic freeze-dried raspberries, organic freeze-dried blackberries, organic beet powder, kosher salt, organic geranium oil

Grass-fed Butter, All Natural, Organically Sourced, Local Ingredients

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